One of the many attractions that Las Vegas is famous for is its high number of fantastically, skilled strippers. From tantalizing burlesque cabaret shows, seductive stripteases and energizing exciting pole dances at the variety of venues around Las Vegas, both on and off the strip. But the best strippers don't just perform at the strip clubs, they also offer in room stripper services that will give you a unique experience.

A few things that you may not have known about strippers...

  • Firstly, strippers pay extra to skip performing on the stage. Las Vegas strippers are generally charged a fee by the clubs they work in, in order for them to work the floor on any given evening. But, they can also pay an additional fee to skip the stage performance, and solely perform, private lap dances in the clubs back rooms.
  • Secondly, Ovulation boosts earning potential. Believe it or not, a study carried out by the University of NewMexico discovered that strippers in Las Vegas earn roughly thirty dollars more by the hour when they are ovulating, than when they are not. A disappointment for those dancers who are on the pill.
  • Thirdly, Strippers look out for signs of a serious tipper. Before you enter a strip club, make sure You have dressed your best and put on your finest watch, as these are a couple of things Vegas strippers look for when they are gauging the crowd for good tippers. Another thing they look out for is how much cash you have in your wallet while you are buying your drinks or tipping other dancers. So if you are hoping to get a private lap dance from your favourite dancer, ensure you have your best outfit on and have stocked your wallet full of cash.
  • Finally, Pole dancing competitions. Although most strippers Las Vegas earn a decent amount of money from giving private lap dances, the best strippers also compete in pole dancing competitions to boost not only their income but their stage fame as well.

Plan your unique experience with in room strippers...

Having your own private showing in your hotel room is a luxury Las Vegas strippers offer. Using in room strippers allows you to plan your very own strip show, whether it is just for you or a private party with your friends. This is an experience you really must try.

  • Solo Dancers - Request the services of a solo dancer to perform an exotic strip tease for you. This dance will definitely get your blood pumping with excitement. A solo dancer is perfect for couples or individuals looking to spice up their evening with a little bit of erotic dancing.
  • Double delight - For a little extra entertainment why not invite two Vegas strippers to you hotel room so you can enjoy a 'girl on girl' show? This unforgettable experience is the perfect option for a small gathering of friends looking to liven up their party. Or even for a couple looking to ignite their desires.
  • Three or even four dancers - You can always try mixing up your party by requesting the services of three, four or even more Las Vegas strippers who will really get your party started. Why not discover the delights of a variety of different women at the same time? Picking a few different types of women to perform for you and your friends. From curvaceous, ebony women, caramel skinned Latino's or bust blondes? These sexy women will make any party unforgettable, and your friends will be extra impressed with your party planning skills.

Hiring Strippers direct to your hotel room will make your stay in Las Vegas unforgettable!


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